Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Insulin production

One of the main problems with diabetes is insulin production. Insulin is produces by beta cells in the pancreas. After decades of unhealthy diet pancreas is worn out and needs some rest, which causes insulin deficiency. Modern medicine created medication which force pancreas produces more insulin to keep up with increasing glucose levels in the blood. When I think about these medications, I imagine slaves working in the hot sunny day bringing huge rocks to build pyramids in Egypt. They do all this hard work and when they get tired, instead of being given time to rest, they are whipped. This is exactly what people do to their pancreas when they take one of these medications. I don’t think it will surprise anyone if I said that slaves in Egypt didn’t live too long, they were overworked. Pancreas is not any different, every time we take a pill to make it work harder, it gets weaker. Not surprisingly, one of the side effects of these medications are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Human body is a smart machine, it almost never makes mistakes, and it knows what is good for it and what is harmful. When we take medication that can harm the body, body will try to get rid of it. What is the easiest way to get rid of poison? Vomiting and diarrhea.

Extra glucose in the blood can destroy the body. Something has to be done with insulin production, but what? Let’s get back to Egyptian slave, do you think that if this slave was given water and food instead of being whipped he would be able to live longer and worked longer? If the exhausted body would’ve been given everything it needs to heal itself, would this slave have been more productive and happy? I think that he would. Now ask your self this question, what can we do for pancreas to help it regenerate? Last summer I found an answer to this question, flax seeds. These little seeds hold great healing potential, they can heal so many things, and pancreas is one of them.

Flax seeds come in many forms, you can find it in capsules, and you can find extracts, whole seeds and grinded seeds. You can find this miracle medicine in cereal and in bread in almost any health food store. The only problem with flax seeds is choosing exactly what form will suit you best. I recommend to everyone regardless of whether or not you have diabetes to eat cereals and bread that have flax seeds, it can keep your whole body healthy and can help treat a range of other health problems. Having flex seeds as a part of a meal is great as it doesn’t require any extra effort; however it is the least effective way of eating flax seeds. When eaten with other foods, not everything gets absorbed, body will absorb only a portion of the seeds you actually ate. If you are always on the go and have no free time, try capsules or concentrate. It’s as easy as taking a pill, except this pill actually works and help you get better. If you can wake up a few minutes earlier, you can get flax seeds at its best: freshly grinded on an empty stomach. Find the smallest coffee grinder you can get your hands on and get whole seeds. Do not buy seeds that are already grinded, with time they loose their effectiveness as some of the elements in the seed will break down. Grind two table spoons of seeds and eat them. Drink some water with it to help it go down and to help seeds digest better. Wait at least half an hour before you eat your breakfast, you need to give your body time to absorb the seeds. If you can’t get coffee grinder, you can eat whole seed. If you eat whole seeds, you will have to allow your body more time to absorb flax seeds.

Many herbal teas can help decrease glucose level, each works differently. I found flax seeds the most effective, but you can add herbal teas to you treatment. Before drinking herbal tea, however, research it, make sure it will not affect any other disease you might have and will not interact with other medications and supplements you are taking.

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